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Carpet Guide


Bringing instant comfort and vivid color to your space, carpeting is always a coveted addition that can truly transform. For many of us, sinking our bare toes into a lush, velvety carpet is truly one of the pleasures of coming home each day. Carpeting has certainly come a long way in recent years, and today there are carpets suitable for all types of families, spaces, and budgets. In fact, there are now carpets made to resist stains, exist happily with pets and little kids, and withstand heavy usage. There are even some carpets that are waterproof. 



At Fike Bros. Carpet One Floor & Home we have a passion for flooring and it’s always our pleasure to find you the perfect carpeting: one that merges seamlessly with your space, lifestyle, and daily routine. From plush bedroom rugs, to tough and ready carpeting for your entryway, we have your new floor right here. But before you start shopping, here’s a quick and comprehensive overview on the different kinds of carpets you’ll encounter in our showroom. 


What Are the Different Types of Carpet?


Do you know which type of carpeting is best for your space? For starters, now is the time to do ask yourself all the important questions. Is your home prone to humidity? Is your room subject to heavy foot traffic? Maybe you have pets or small kids, or simply like to host frequent gatherings? Or, perhaps you or a loved one suffers from allergies? 


The fibers composing your carpeting, which are commonly called pile, by and large determine how your carpeting will function, as well as its overall texture. The five major families of carpet pile are level loop, patterned, textured, frieze, and plush. 


Where Can Carpet Be Installed?


One general rule of thumb is that carpeting needs to generally be avoided in the laundry room, kitchen, or bathroom. Aside from that, there are carpets that are well-suited to a variety of interior settings. Sturdy synthetics with a rougher pile are particularly great for the hallway or stairs, while plush, comforting pile is a constant source of coziness in a bedroom. And that’s just the beginning. 


Our Carpet Selection



As card-carrying members of Carpet One Floor & Home, the world’s largest independent flooring store cooperative, we happily offer you the best of both worlds. Combining the local know-how of a small, local business along with the amazing purchasing power of over 1,000 other respective stores, let us be the ones you can trust when it’s time to upgrade your carpeting. We offer up many of the industry’s top carpet brands, including some Carpet One exclusive brands you won’t find anywhere else. 



Carpet Care

Carpet Care


Committing to regular carpet cleanings is an important step in ensuring full and functional lifespan for your recent purchase. Here are some easy tips to maintaining your new carpeting and ensuring many years of happy moments in your home. 






Proven to eliminate viruses, germs, and microbes for up to 90-days after installation, Neutralize is next revolution in home sanitizing.






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